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Strange Fish With Teeth Caught In Tennessee River


Yahoo! News – Chris Brasher of Huntsville, Alabama was out fishing at Ditto Landing on the Tennessee River and pulled in an odd looking fish. As reported by WAFF 48 News, Brasher said he hasn’t seen another sea creature like it in his 20 years of fishing the Tennessee River. The experienced angler said, “You normally hold a fish by it’s mouth. I went to put my finger in my mouth, it had some teeth in there. So I was like, ‘What is this?’ You know, and I’ve just been trying to figure out what it is ever since.” Others are also perplexed. “Most people I’ve talked to, I’ve got, you know, peacock bass, I’ve gotten black crappie, and then just a few different ones. I got to looking it up online and a couple other people did. They were leaning towards the Oscar fish,” said Brasher. WAFF consulted experts said they’d need to see the fish in person to confirm but agreed that it was probably an Oscar fish, and ruled out a piranha or pacu. If the fish is an Oscar, the popular South American aquarium fish, experts said it could live at Ditto Landing only during the summer, as the winter temperatures would be too cold for its survival. While this toothy fish story seems unique, there have been several other sea creatures with chompers reeled in by fishermen. Doug Cutler speared a nightmare inducing sea lamprey in New Jersey’s Raritan River. An Irish tourist caught a sheepshead fish with pearly whites while vacationing in Terra Ceia Bay, Florida. Scott Curry was fishing on Buffalo Springs Lake in Texas when he pulled in what is believed to be a 20-pound pacu with human like teeth. As for Brasher, he will continue to fish at Ditto Landing, but commented, “I won’t be swimming in here anytime soon. You know, I see kids swimming in here and I wouldn’t recommend it after that. You never know what you might catch out here you know.”

I don’t get the whole release your pet in your local ponds/lakes so that “Bubbles” can live the good life because you got lazy feeding it… Whatever happened to the toilet flush? – Blah

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